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Musical Styles  &  Projects

Exploring the Acoustic and Electric Spectrums

The Viva Strings Project 

Excerpts of live performance recordings & rehearsals

A Jazz & Contemporary String Quartet initiative by Karen featuring original music and arrangements with emphasis on extended techniques to support jazz and popular music soundscapes.

AcoustiKa Jazz Quartet

Live performance recording @ Fete de la Musique, Singapore

Jazz which pays tribute acoustic aesthetics reminiscent of the past with arrangements which recognize the beauty of purity and simplicity in music making.


Electrical Experimentation

Live performance recording @ Esplanade Waterfront, Singapore

'Infinity' is an original piece written by Karen, which epitomises vibrance

& power. It is a salute to technology and modernity with loopers & effects pedals. Rocking it like an electric guitarist would!


Karen performs with her own band and string quartet where she leads as artistic director and arranger, as well as in collaboration with other fellow musicians. Her repertoire includes jazz standards and original songs.


musiKa creations Bands


Viva Strings

Jazz & Contemporary String Quartet


AcoustiKa Jazz Quartet

Jazz Band with emphasis on acoustic aesthetic



A collaborative band with Xanthus Ching of Rustic Vibes

















She also is a Session Musician and Recording Artist, with focus on contemporary music. Recordings which she has played for include:


Quartet violinist for the soundtrack to Royston Tan's short film 'Popiah'

(music composed by Toh Tze Chin)


Section Leader (Second Violin) for the Return to Wonderland album (Tze n Looking Glass)


Violinist for the audio video recording 'Yenga Pona Raasa' by Mohammad Muhsin



 rustiKa collab band

 Live performance recording (excerpt) @  JB Jazz Festival, Malaysia

 This collaborative band features  original songs and arrangements of  jazz standards (in this video, 'It  Don't Mean A Thing')by its members  in the sprit of youthful exuberance  of today's generation while paying  tribute to the roots of this genre.

'Yenga Pona Raasa' arranged by Mohammad Muhsin

'Return to Wonderland' Concert & live album recording by Toh Tze Chin 

The End Is Just The Beginning - Karen de Silva
00:00 / 00:00

A vibrant Jobim inspired Latin Jazz original. 

Zapin Grooves (Excerpts) - Karen de Silva
00:00 / 00:00

A fusion of Jazz with music from the Zapin, a traditional Malay dance.

Fragments Dance Track - Viva Strings
00:00 / 00:00

An electronic dance track composed & produced by Karen de Silva & recorded with Viva Strings


I Am Not Yours - Violinist: Karen de Silva, Composer: Ivan Tangkulung
00:00 / 00:00

I Am Not Yours by Ivan Tangkulung, Violinist: Karen de Silva

Because of You (Cover) - Viva Strings
00:00 / 00:00

Cover of Because of You (Keith Martin) arranged by Ivan Tangkulung with Viva Strings on strings 

Sing Sing So - Traditional Folksong
00:00 / 00:00

Sing Sing So (Indonesian folksong) arranged by Ivan Tangkulung & performed by Viva Strings

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